Persuasion, Awareness, Influence, Development

At the heart of everything that we do is the importance of persuasion, influence, raising awareness and personal/team development.

If you think about almost any performance related initiative, one or more of these is of key importance.

Persuasion: In presenting, business development, sales, negotiation and most managerial and leadership positions you need to be able to persuade people effectively. Whether it is to see a different point of view, come to a favourable decision or follow a particular course of action. This important element of communication requires understanding and self-awareness as well as tools and techniques.

RTP programmes equip participants to persuade effectively through understanding peoples' differences and their motivations as well as through the use of specific tools and techniques.

Awareness: No behaviour change happens without there first being self-awareness. Awareness is a key to developing people and bringing about change in all aspects of business performance. Coaching provides a powerful awareness-raising tool that increases choice and unlocks peak performance.

RTP programmes raise the awareness of participants thereby giving them choice, encouraging responsibility and accountability and releasing peak performance.

Influence: Today's business world is all about influence rather than control. In fact studies have shown that we spend on average some 24 minutes of every hour trying to “move” or influence people (source: Qualtrics). We often have to work with people who we do not have direct control or authority over. This might include clients, cross-functional teams or partnering initiatives for example. We need to be able to influence people effectively to achieve our results. Getting their buy-in and assistance might be the key in securing the outcome we need.

RTP programmes raise awareness of how we can influence others and provide well-proven techniques to participants to make them more influential. We have developed and trademarked our C3 Model of Influencing, which is based on our research into what highly effective influencers do. We have taught it all around the World to leaders, managers, sales people, trainers, lawyers and many others. You can find out more at

Life Long Development: Training on its own has a limited impact on behaviour and results in the long-term. What is needed by today's businesses is the development of its people. This may include a training element but is also likely to have a self-directed learning component and other ways in which learning can be developed and embedded in order to achieve behaviour change and results. You may have heard of blended learning - many organisations pay lip service to this, we bring it alive and help develop people in many ways with a keen focus on improving the bottom line.

RTP understands learning and development. Through working in partnership with our clients and in constructing programmes that focus on development and not just training we guarantee to improve results.

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