Jeremy Cassell

Jeremy Cassell

Jeremy Cassell is the MD of RTP and specialises in influencing - specifically sales, negotiation and presentation skills. In addition, he trains groups to become coaches and works with individuals to make the very best use of their talents.

He has broad experience in education, sales, management, strategic account management and training with multi-national companies. He is a qualified teacher and previous senior positions as National Training Manager for L'Oreal, and National Sales Training Manager for Walker's Snack Foods, coupled with a spell at a management consultancy, have given him invaluable knowledge and competence to draw on when consulting, designing and delivering training and coaching programmes that really work.

He is a certified coach and NLP trainer and these qualifications and extensive business experience combine to give him excellent facilitation and coaching skills, which help promote employee confidence, increase productivity and improve communication throughout a team or organisation. Jeremy is also a published author and public speaker.

In recent years he has worked with many businesses focusing on improving personal and business performance. These include: Linklaters, Sodexho, Smart Telecom, Parker Hannifin, Asprey Garrard, Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert, University of Southampton, Sante and Promissor.

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