Financial Times Guide to Business Training

Published by Pearson Publishing in May 2013, this book shows the reader how to develop, design and deliver outstanding business training. The Financial Times Guide to Business Training can be used as both a reference guide to access information to meet a specific need, or it can act as a source of ideas and inspiration to give a training event greater impact.

“It’s all here and it makes complete sense. Look no further if you want to improve the impact of your business training. Packed with punchy, practical how tos. Even if you implement only a fraction of the book you’ll significantly improve the effectiveness of your training.”

Peter Honey, occupational psychologist, management trainer, conference speaker and co-creator of Learning Styles

“A really common sense guide to business training, not written from the lofty spires of the theorists – although there’s some interesting background and reference information. This comes at the reader from the perspective of two practitioners who have been there, got their hands dirty and survived. If you want to improve both delivering training and knowing what you should expect when you commission, then this is the book for you. “

Angela O'Connor, President, The HR Society

“I recommend that you buy this book if you are in the business of learning and development as you will learn the core fundamentals of what it takes to be a great business trainer.”

Gillian Secrett, CEO of The Møller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

“This book is excellent. It stands head and shoulders above anything else I have read. If you want to be a better trainer and improve the impact you make, then I urge you to read this book today.”

Neil Mullarkey, writer, actor, comedian and business trainer

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