The C3 Model of Influencing

C3 Model of Influencing

We have developed a Model that captures the three key components that form the foundation of effectively influencing at an unconscious level. These are confidence, credibility and connection.

The key to this model is the ability of you to adapt. Each of us has a preference (often one that we are not consciously aware of) towards either credibility or connection and we tend to approach relationships through this preference. So, if I have an unconscious preference for connection I will tend to focus on connection more than credibility in my business relationships. This might lead to relationships that feel very comfortable but fail to deliver when they need to in terms of business. If my personal preference is for credibility then I might more easily develop relationships with other people who filter for credibility but my relationships with connection-oriented people might lack the warmth and sense of common ground that would support a prospect opening up and engaging with me over a period of time.